My Story

My name is Linda Stewart.  I have been a  Scentsy consultant for six and a half years now.  What has kept me in this business?

Fragrances have been a passion of mine for years.

I was born blind.  At the age of nine years old I was given my first bottle of perfume.  Oh! It smelled so good! I just loved it! Even before then, we were asked in kindergarten to bring our own bar of soap and a soap dish.  I immediately said I wanted to bring Cashmere Bouquet soap.

For me the best way to reach out to other people is through the Internet, so hope you will seriously consider checking out my web site.

Many other places are seeking to imitate Scentsy now.  But Scentsy's decorative warmers will always rank on top.  They are extremely creative, and even people who can't see them enjoy so many warmers which have raised tactile designs.

The new spring/summer season is here now.  In come a lot of favorite floral scents.  Out goes the pine, which smelled just like a Christmas tree.  I did warn a couple of my customers who really love the pine scent to buy it ahead for when they want it in the summer, because I won't have it then.

We also have very nice diffusers and natural oils.  Lots of cute things for children too.

You certainly can join Scentsy if you want to and make money to buy your own favorite products, or make money for something else special that you would like.  It's all according to what you want to do.  I do not pressure anyone.

Thank you for reading my story.

You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter which tells you about sales for the month.  I have never gotten unwanted email when signing up.  And, if you want to unsubscribe there is a link at the bottom of the page to do so.

Scentsy is very considerate of its customers, and I would like to demonstrate that to you.  Let me be your consultant.